Finding silver linings in a Global Crisis:

COVID-19 brought about more than just changes to the concept of
health and hygiene, but also drastic changes to large facets of
day-to-day life.

 Society as a whole has been forced to re-evaluate how things are done,
envision a ‘safer’ way to do them, and then to simply improvise, adapt and

The approach to schooling and education has been no exception to this
forced change.

After being contacted by multiple schools in the early stages of lock-down,
our team realised the immense challenges schools were facing while
trying to keep their students and teachers on track with distance learning,
without a sufficient internet connection to do so.

It was at this point that we as a company experienced a monumental epiphany: EVERYONE has a responsibility, EVERYONE must do their part, and most importantly, EVERYONE should all be asking: HOW CAN WE HELP?

Thus, Edu-Fi was born!

This is about way more than simply giving away free internet, it’s
about investing in the future. It’s about more than just making the tough job
teachers have just a little easier, it’s about giving the next generation a
head start! It’s about more than just connecting people, it’s about uplifting

It's about levelling the playing field…


How will this work? 

Each school will be provided with an uncapped internet
connection with no restrictions, free of charge.
The internet connection will also help learners and teachers interact with
each other without risking their health and safety in terms of the COVID-19

The connection will allow teachers to provide learners with learning
material remotely. This will support and promote homeschooling and
ensure that the education of future generations does not suffer under the
backlash of the pandemic.

Beyond the pandemic, Edu-Fi will also open up a whole new scope of
access to information to all involved!

There is no “shelf-life” to this project. It is said that the future is online,
and education should be no exception…

So even when the pandemic comes to an end, the commitment to Edu-Fi
will not! The vision is to bring the entire world to the community’s fingertips, for
generations to come!

This will ensure that learners maintain the best level of education during the
difficult times they are currently experiencing, as well as into the future!

About this Project:

It’s an open invitation! There truly is no criteria or prerequisite
needed to join the team.

The hope is to eventually be able to sustainably partner with each and
every school who would like to join the cause of improving access to

Naturally, this must be done within means, in order to achieve the key goal
of sustainability, so a phased approach is being taken to the project roll out.
Consultations with various institutions are still ongoing, as this is only the start of what will strive to be a socially responsible,
sustainable, and national movement.

That being said, all schools in our current areas of operation are encouraged
to get in touch, as we would be delighted to enter into talks about
how we may join forces on this mission, by sending an email to

After all, we are all in this together!