Swartland Municipality is blocking
fibre in Malmesbury

Malmesbury residents are being blocked from receiving the best quality Fibre Internet.

Trusc applied for permission to install Fibre in Malmesbury, Riebeeck West, Darling and Mooreesburg to Swartland Municipality since early on in the Covid-19 lockdown.

These requests were rejected even though we made it clear to the municipality that none of those areas were actively serviced by any Fibre provider at the time. We also explained very clearly to the municipality that the primary beneficiaries of this initiative are the schools and scholars who would be able to receive high speed fibre based Internet where needed at no cost to them. Even that fell on deaf ears which led us to wonder what the possible reason could be that a municipality would so strongly protect a single provider, unless there are perhaps other ties that are not public knowledge…

Nevertheless Trusc proceeded to connect all the schools that we were able to with the second best alternative, which was dedicated wireless links to each school. We also supplied the teachers with reduced cost access but the sheer volume of students needed to be connected cannot be done by traditional wireless. We need to have fibre connectivity to do this and the fibre needs to be owned by Trusc in order for us to be able to supply it to them free as all other providers are charging us for access to Fibre.

Trusc is asking the people of Swartland to join us in the struggle to bring high speed, reliable, fibre Internet to the towns of the Swartland and in doing so also provide all scholars’ access to free Educational Internet. Edu-Fi is a Trusc based initiative to bring this Fibre access to all the towns and schools within the area that Trusc services. To date we have 33 schools actively connected and running on our system supplying internet to over 570 teachers and more than 17000 scholars.

We encourage you to like our post on our Facebook page and encourage you to voice your concerns to the Swartland Municipality who can be contacted by telephone on 022 487 9400 or emailed on swartlandmun@swartland.org.za

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