Finding a Silver Lining during a Global Pandemic…

COVID-19 has forced our Society to re-evaluate how things are done and the approach to education and schooling has been no exception.

After being contacted by multiple schools in the early stages of lock-down, our team at Trusc realised the immense challenges schools were facing while trying to keep their students and teachers on track with distance learning without a sufficient internet connection to do so.

Thus, Edu-Fi was born!

This is about way more than simply giving away free internet, it’s about investing in the future.

It’s about more than just making the tough job teachers have just a little easier, it’s about giving the next generation a head start!

It’s about more than just connecting people, it’s about uplifting communities.

It’s about levelling the playing field…

How will this work?:

Each school will be provided with a high-speed, uncapped internet connection, free of charge.

The connection will allow educators to provide learners with the best quality education possible, while staying current with their day-to-day during the ‘new normal’ they face.

We also know that our teachers work-day does not end with the final bell each day and that they often have ‘homework’ of their own. As such, we have decided to support them a little by giving our Edu-Fi educators a 50% discount on their personal internet connections at home as well. 

The less fortunate of our scholars will further be supported when we roll out our “Edu-Fi @ Home” program, which will bring a free educational internet connection to each of our communities, accessible to scholars from home. 

HURDLES: Sadly, our project has faced a few stumbling blocks along the way. In order for us to deliver on all the above goals, we will need to expand and upgrade our network infrastructure, which naturally means we would need to lay our own Fibre network.

Once we have our fibre network active in each of our areas, the connectivity possibility for our schools is endless… 

However, for some reason, we are facing backlash from certain municipalities when it comes to approval for our fibre wayleaves, and so our progress is not moving at the pace we would like.

Not to worry however, as we are the only network provider who has committed to providing our schools with these much needed free connections, we are currently exploring all available avenues in order to overcome these hurdles. 

About this Project:

There truly is no criteria or prerequisite needed to join the team.

The hope is to eventually be able to sustainably partner with each and every school who would like to join the cause of improving access to Education!

There is no “shelf-life” to this project. It is said that the future is online, and education should be no exception…

Beyond the pandemic, Edu-Fi will also open up a whole new scope of access to information to all involved, bringing the whole world to the community’s fingertips, for generations to come!

Thus, all schools in our current areas of operation are encouraged to get in touch, as we would be delighted to enter into talks about how we may join forces on this mission, by sending an email to