Malmesbury residents are being blocked from receiving the best quality Fibre Internet.

Since September 2019 approval has been in place for a certain local network operator to install fibre in Malmesbury.There has been little progress in delivering this essential service to the people of Malmesbury, who have been suffering under this monopoly.

Even after repeated applications by numerous other network operators to be allowed to deliver such a necessary service, this local network operator is still being protected by the Swartland Municipality. Every application has been blocked since early 2020 and this trend continues through to today.

Trusc and Edu-Fi are at the forefront of this struggle to bring affordable and reliable Internet to all the people of Malmesbury. During the Covid-19 Lockdown, Trusc identified the urgent need for schools to be connected by reliable and high speed Internet, but our applications for Fibre were rejected. Immediately Trusc deployed the highest speeds that we possibly could over wireless links to schools where we could assist, completely free of charge. These links are still in operation today at all but 2 of the schools in Malmesbury.

Trusc, through our Edu-Fi initiative, has a vision to bring free Internet to our scholars, both at school and at home, as well as in your communities, as we believe access to education is a basic necessity, irrespective of race, gender or background.

It is with sadness that we are being prevented from bringing this to the people of Malmesbury by the Swartland Municipality. They have granted permission to install fibre to a local company who is installing at such a slow pace, that it could just as well not be installed at all, while companies such as Trusc are doing their utmost to deliver much needed quality Internet where it is most needed.

With approval to install fibre Infrastructure, Trusc, in a matter of months, will be able to provide service to the majority of Malmesbury. We will be able to assist needy scholars with much needed access to education from home in addition to enabling the businesses to function at the standards needed to compete in this post Covid-19 world; where everything is online.

We have already received immense support from the Malmesbury community and further rely on you to join the drive to get Swartland Municipality to grant us permission to bring Malmesbury what every other town is getting, except you – access to quality internet and your right to choose your network operator.