(Bossie Bosman, Trusc;  Nico De Kock, Principal; Hentis Burger, head of IT)

With the fallout of COVID-19 being felt in very tangible ways, we have recognized our duty to do our part to minimize the effects.

After assisting our friends at Piketberg High School recently, we realised that a better internet connection for schools was the most effective first step in addressing the issue of access to information, communication and subsequently, education.

Since their establishment in 1925, Laerskool Vredendal, “Intellectual Growth” has been the mission of the school, and one that Trusc is delighted to help them achieve!

How will this work? 

Vredendal Primary School will be provided with an unlimited (uncapped) Internet connection with no restrictions, free of charge.

Trusc and Vredendal Primary School are aligned in their drive to better support learners in every possible way. 

The Internet connection will also help learners and teachers interact with each other without risking their health and safety in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The connection will allow teachers to provide learners with learning material remotely. This will support and promote homeschooling and ensure that the education of future generations will not suffer under the backlash of the pandemic.

In this way, learners and teachers will be able to communicate with each other more efficiently, as well as open up a whole new scope of access to information to all involved! 

This will ensure that learners maintain the best level of education during the difficult times they are currently experiencing, as well as into the future!

Trusc and Vredendal Primary School will continue to support each other, learners, and the Vredendal community as a whole!

About this Project: 

We want to be very open about the fact that for us, there truly is no ‘criteria’.  

Our hope is to eventually be able to sustainably partner with each and every school in our country, who is willing to join our cause of bettering access to Education! 

Naturally, we must do so within our means, in order to achieve the key goal of sustainability, so we are taking a phased approach to our rollout. 

Our consultations with various institutions are still ongoing, as we assure you, this is only the start of what we hope will be a socially responsible, sustainable and national movement.

That being said, we encourage all schools in our current areas of operation to get in touch with us, as we would be delighted to enter into talks about how we may join forces on this mission. You can reach out on community@trusc.net.

After all, we are all in this together!